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A 360-degree agency where concern for projects and relationships translates into customer satisfaction

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Creative Answer is an advertising agency with 360 competence. We care about every aspect of the activities we carry out, so we have built a team with experience in implementing diverse projects.

This allows us to offer customers comprehensive support, smooth implementation and measurable results.


We will produce BTL materials – from concept, through implementation, to logistics.

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We will plan an event full of unforgettable experiences – offline and online!

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We will prepare content for your social media channels.

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We will plan synergistic online and offline media activities that will achieve your goals.

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We will design and prepare the files – quickly and on time!

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We know the way to effective actions – SEO, UX, media campaigns!

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We will plan an integrated campaign.

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One-off project or integrated 360 campaign,
Our team is ready to support your brand in achieving any of the goals you set.

Kasia Carreira



Drawing on our passion for creativity and translating research into design, we create people-centered materials, to stimulate their emotions and inspire them to make informed decisions. We believe that a message built in this way best supports the brand in its development.

Mikolaj Soszynski

How we take care

of our customers

How we take care of our customers

Brands we’ve worked with

It is with great pleasure that he recommends cooperation with Creative Answer, with which Nespresso has carried out joint projects for 7 years. To its credit is the professionalism and commitment of the entire team. The agency supported us every step of the way, from proposing the scenario of the event, preparing individual activities to developing graphic materials.

Martyna W., Nespresso HR

Creative Answer is a team of extremely committed people, full of passion, enthusiasm and energy for action. Thanks to our openness, initiative and individual approach to each project, we achieve our goals, and the cooperation itself is a pleasure.

Anna T., UPC

Who we are

We are a close-knit team of creatives, thinkers and passionate people. We approach work and life with curiosity and openness to experimentation. We use the knowledge we gain to create unique projects and experiences that are likely to be memorable for the target audience of the brands we work for.

Mikolaj Soszynski


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Beata Bieniek

Finance & Administration

Kasia Carreira

Creative Director

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