One of the most important pillars of Creative Answer is people! Their personalities, experience, openness to the world and cooperation with others, as well as their committed approach to projects. Meet our Team and see for yourself, Who you will have the pleasure of working with! 


Mikolaj Soszynski

At CA, as CEO, he takes care of the agency’s development, relationships with key partners and the team he has built over the years.

stands on his head to make his son Jas’s childhood full of beautiful experiences, runs marathons and develops a passion for sky photography.

Kasia Carreira

At CA, as Creative Director, she takes care of the artistic side of projects.

Tends his citrus orchards in sunny Portugal

Anna Soszynska

At CA, as the Director of the CA. The Logistics Committee ensures the smooth distribution of the materials produced with extraordinary energy.

loves to cook and feed loved ones with dishes full of love.

Beata Bieniek

At CA, as Finance & Administration Manager, she makes sure the finances match up.

will not miss any top music festival.

Anna Dymek

At CA, as Graphic Designer, she takes care of the visual side of projects.

Privately develops manual skills, creating handicrafts in the form of personalized occasional cards.

Magda Zaremba

At CA, as Creative Mind, she takes care of creative concepts for projects.

cultivates the well-being of body and spirit, exploring the secrets of self-development.

Rafal Rybak

At CA, as Project Manager, he makes sure that events are memorable.

Experiences adrenaline-filled experiences watching F1 races and about taking care of the good Aura of the guests of his cocktail bar.

Beata Okoń

At CA , as New Business Manager, she takes care of  a constant flow of interesting briefs. 

 cares about the welfare of the planet by giving a second life to old furniture. 

Paulina Jóźwiak

At CA, as an Operations Manager, she develops processes and enhances HR activities.

cares about the sweet side of life, creating modern sweets, which she sometimes treats her co-workers with 😉

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