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Content Marketing

People have been telling each other stories since the dawn of time. However, not all of them have survived to this day. Those that made it into the memory of the audience were full of vivid descriptions and interesting twists, and thus had the power to arouse people’s emotions.

We will help you tell your brand’s story by relating to the emotions of your target audience. We will run your company fan page, focusing on the benefits of your products and services, thus building a positive image of your brand online. Entrust us to create a profile and professionally conduct activities on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Tik Tok.

Graphic postings and animations

Nothing complements a good story like interesting pictures. We will prepare beautiful graphic posts and animations for you to showcase your product in the best possible way. On social media, you only have a few seconds to grab a user’s attention, so it’s important that your graphic content stands out and encourages interaction.

Our social media team will take care of: #professional fanpage management #content marketing #company instagram #maintaining a profile on linkedin.


Path 1181
Path 1181


Running social media profiles is not just about content marketing.

It is also to maintain a dialogue with fans through active moderation. Our moderators know how to talk to those who love your brand, but also to those who speak negatively about it. 

Our team keeps its finger on the pulse to ensure that communication in the comments under the posts takes place in a friendly and understanding atmosphere.


However, interesting content is not everything. Algorithms on Facebook or Instagram limit the visibility of brands’ posts, which makes it necessary to launch paid promotion if we want the content created by the brand to have a greater reach.

Our media specialists will increase your reach by:

Let us lead your advertising campaigns that will increase your brand recognition and sales of the offered products or services.

Days of Warsaw

Online campaign to promote the event


SD Academy

Preparation of a comprehensive communication strategy in Social Media

Social media

Social Media Training

Just like in fashion, in social media we also have trends, seasonality, and from time to time some faux pa will happen.

How to run company channels in an effective way? What tools to use? What to beware of? You will learn this and much more during the training!

Our social media team will train you on platforms such as: #facebook #runfanpage #instagram #firminstagram #linkedin #runprofilmunalinkedin.

Check out the areas where we can support you:

Development of Google Ads campaigns

Creating an image on TikTok

As part of the support, we offer:

Group 498

Develop a social media communication strategy

Copywriting - creating posts and articles

Support in Influence Marketing

Effective sales campaigns - acquiring leads

Preparation of graphics - static and animations

Promotion of posts to increase the reach of communications

We work to match your current needs:

Ad hoc support
in the selected area

and long-term cooperation

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