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A successful media strategy requires skillful planning, identifying the target audience, learning about their world and buying preferences. At Creative Answer, we plan and optimize media with the consumer’s purchase path in mind. We choose the right channels to display the brand’s messages in places where its potential customers are actually present, and so that they fit naturally into the context and respond to the current needs of the consumer looking for information on the web.

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For us, it’s all about understanding the client’s business and delivering effective traffic to their website or to their stationary stores. This is made possible through effective messages to the consumer, as well as continuous optimization of activities and advanced analytics.

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We develop the client's business.

We always start a performance campaign with detailed analysis and research, based on which we design the consumer path. It is a guideline for us to prepare an effective action strategy, select the appropriate media, and then select the most effective portals for the client and its products.

With a designed consumer path, we can easily identify brand touch points and integrate outreach channels to be constantly in the user’s mind.

We implement performance campaigns in models:


calculated in number


calculated in number
actions taken


calculated in number
visits to www


calculated in number
orders placed


calculated in number


counted in engagement rates

We operate multichannel

In order to achieve the desired results, we use integrated outreach channels – owned, earned and paid media, thanks to which we effectively reach the consumer from the target group, which is reflected in the high rates of our campaigns.

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on search engines

We run Google AdWords advertising campaigns, as well as campaigns in the GDN advertising network.

We plan activities so that get as much synergy as possible between organic SEO activities and paid advertising (SEM). Doing both skillfully is an effective way to drive traffic to the site. We implement image and sales campaigns, which we account for In CPC and CPA commission models.

Our scheme of action!

Our team of experienced media professionals will support you: #searchads #remarketing #search advertising #display #sem

Days of Warsaw

Online campaign to promote the event


SD Academy

Preparation of a comprehensive communication strategy in social media channels.


We live in a hybrid world, where online intersects with offline, which allows us to create integrated advertising strategies that result in surprisingly effective actions. In addition to online, it is further worthwhile to include traditional advertising media in the media mix. 

    & OOH

At Creative Answer, we not only design, but also do media planning for OOH, BTL, PR, as well as press, radio and TV. We believe that a holistic approach to advertising, gives the best results, because there are consumers who view products online and buy stationary, but there are also those who view stationary and look for attractive prices online.

Our experienced team will plan a campaign for you:

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