BTL production

We offer comprehensive services from creative concept through design, meticulous production execution, packaging, logistics and warehousing.

We care about our clients’ comfort, so we are with you and your project all the time – creating, planning, advising and measuring effectiveness.

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years of experience

in the production of BTL materials

comprehensive measures

creation - production - logistics - warehousing

reliable network

of high quality
printing houses

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Our graphic design studio is experienced in designing BTL materials targeting selected audiences.

We know how to translate the advertising message into POS materials so that they fulfill their purpose and are an effective tool to support sales. We realize that we often have only a moment to reach the buyer’s consciousness, so the messages we design are distinguished by interesting graphics and readable content.

By choosing to work with us, you will efficiently prepare a set of sales materials, such as flyers, catalogs, wobblers, dispensers and everything your team needs to be successful in the sales process.

We will also design your exhibition booth and create materials to enhance the presentation of your products within the booth, such as animation displayed on a TV and materials to promote the event, such as mailing or other activities classified as new media, such as posts published by your brand on social media. Using integrated communication strategies, will make it easier for you to reach your target audience.

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Work with us and we will create a strongly distinctive design for you and emphasize in it all the most important information, consisting of On the uniqueness of your product.


Advertising activities aimed at the individual recipient

However, creation is not everything. Once we have a beautifully designed graphic, we move on to the next step, which is to transfer it from the computer screen to the real world. BTL advertising reaches the individual viewer in a store space, at an event or in popular traffic routes.

We work with printers with a wide range of services. From small local companies to large volume and large format printers that carry out more complex productions for our clients. The variety of partners gives us the ability to quickly match printers to individual printing needs, which translates into both price and “certified” production quality.

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To make the outreach of BTL advertising effective, we must take into account where it is displayed. A different type of material will work better in a store and another in an outdoor space. When recommending the type of advertising media, we always take into account where they will be displayed and suggest the best quality damage-resistant materials.


When the materials we have prepared are ready, we provide:


Preparation of creative boxes, such as for an online or offline event; under this type of service, we purchase or produce the necessary materials, and then package them in a creative way so that when you open the box, you get a "WOW" reaction.


We use transport companies and couriers that have proven themselves in many productions, but we also do an excellent job of coordinating logistics using couriers who are permanently working with the client's company.


We have three types of warehouses: 100 sqm in Warsaw, 200 sqm for larger goods with faster rotation, and 1,000 sqm for long-term stored materials.

We support our clients at every stage of the project.


Keeping in mind the welfare of our planet and the fact that every year in Poland approx. 30 million cubic meters of trees are turned into paper, we have written into our agency's goals to promote eco-friendly printing.

This means that we also have printers among our subcontractors who:

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