360 campaigns

360-degree campaigns are integrated marketing activities based on a comprehensive brand communication strategy.

This type of approach is a response to the behavior of consumers, who often use different communication channels. If your brand is to make a name for itself target group for a longer period of time, you need to reach them in both the offline and online areas.

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96% of Customers Recommend

cooperation with us

one agency

multiple competencies

we create strategies

based on data

96% of Customers Recommend

cooperation with us

one agency

multiple competencies

we create strategies

based on data

Choose the combined forces of online campaign activities, events, social media, video... and BTL


A 360 marketing campaign must be well planned.

It is not about being in all channels of communication at the same time, but choosing them so that they complement each other. Before we start working on eye-catching creative and captivating slogans, we explore the data and define where your target audience is present. We then plan the campaign so that we constantly appear in their natural environment, and thus settle permanently in their consciousness.

    and online advertising

If your brand isn't on the Internet, it's as if it doesn't exist.

Any company that wants to make a name for itself in the minds of its target audience must have a corporate website, social media accounts, as well as sponsored link campaigns, take care of SEO and optimization.

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Social media is often the first place users look for information about your brand.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok give you almost unlimited opportunities to build your brand image online. Now it’s not just static posts, but also Reels, Stories or Live. The number of tools is constantly growing, and we can help you match them to the communication language of your target audience.

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Our marketing agency proves that BTL is still a communication channel with tremendous power to influence consumer purchase decisions.

How do we do it? We combine proven BTL solutions with innovative technologies in online marketing, direct marketing, trade activities and events. This results in creative campaigns with results that exceed expectations.

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