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Days full of attractions

UPC marketing is not just flyers that land in mailboxes or banners stalking around the Internet. It’s also special actions, the organization of which is largely handled by us!

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Task of the agency

This time, UPC has set us quite a task – organizing events in 30 locations. The purpose of the events was to encourage potential customers to visit UPC Stores.

The events were to be held on weekends in three types of locations: freestanding UPC Stores, UPC Stores in shopping centers, and UPC Points of Sale located on islands in shopping centers.

Each type of site was to have solutions dedicated to its conditions. How did we deal with it?

3 types of events

Taking into account the specifics of specific Salons, we proposed 3 types of event activities:

  • UPC Stimulates Action – for which we produced juices with a dedicated label;
  • Sweet UPC Weekend – for which we produced cotton candy in the brand’s colors and organized a weekend with a photo booth;
  • UPC Attraction Day – during which animators organized numerous contests and activations for kids.

The above attractions were intended as an incentive to visit the UPC showroom, learn about the offer and sign a contract to purchase services.

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Stimulating juices

For the campaign, we produced three types of tasty fruit juices, which we distributed to potential customers who came to the salon. Each bottle was branded with the name of the campaign and the UPC logo. Organizing the production and logistics to more than a dozen cities in Poland was a big challenge, but thanks to the great commitment of the CA Team, all the juices arrived on time!

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Attractions for children

Knowing that parents come to the CH with their kids, we made sure that the kids would have an interesting activity while the parents were getting acquainted with the UPC offer.

A team of entertainers awaited the kids, handing out juices and cotton candy, making balloon animals for the kids, painting their faces, and holding drawing contests where you could win the UPC’eusz mascot loved by the kids!

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And for adults

Adults had their attractions too! In addition to learning about UPC’s offerings, they could solve a simple and entertaining QUIZ, after which they were rewarded with a UPC gadget of their choice.

Digital Activities

For the promotion of events, we created 3 types of landing pages, which we targeted from media campaigns. We prepared social media ads, GDN ads, a mailing campaign and a push campaign. Each type of event also had a dedicated advertising creative, referring to the attractions awaiting visitors to the Salons.

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Team UPCeusza

Digital activities are not everything! Wanting to reach as many people as possible, we planned activities with the UPC mascot, loved by kids and not only, called UPC’eusz!

UPC’eusz and his accompanying hostess handed out flyers to passersby and encouraged them to visit the Salon, located not far away.

In addition, we prepared materials for each Salon to promote the campaign: posters and balloons with the logo.

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List of our tasks

  • creative concept of events
  • organization of attractions
  • Juice and cotton candy production and logistics
  • recruitment of hostesses and entertainers
  • contact with UPC leaders
  • Contact with CH and negotiate terms and conditions
  • preparation of BTL materials
  • preparation of digital materials
  • preparation of social
  • photo session and preparation of a video summarizing the events

Creative Answer was responsible for the overall organization and logistics of the events. Organizing 30 events along with producing promotional materials and gifts for clients was a big challenge, but who else but us!

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