Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso. What else?

Nespresso is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of coffee machines, capsules and accessories. Nespresso products give its customers the opportunity to prepare at home the same delicious coffee they could previously only drink in a coffee shop. The brand is currently launching a new product line called Vertuo. Before he starts selling it, however, he needs to properly train his team. And that’s where we come in!

NESPRESSO Vertuo Zestaw WWW_1137x9184

Task of the agency

The agency was tasked with supporting the client in the education process and preparing an activation that would convey the secrets of the new Vertuo line to employees in an interesting and engaging way.

We approached the task with energy as if after a double espresso, and our work resulted in key visuals, an educational and informational brochure, game and self-education cards, a virtual event and videos summarizing the action. But let’s start at the beginning!

A guide to the land of Vertuo

For the purposes of the campaign, we designed KV, which served as a graphic guidepost for the preparation of an informational and educational brochure for Nespresso employees. A unique brand requires unique materials, so instead of a classic brochure, we have prepared an engaging guide to the land of Vertuo. Filled with tasks and rebuses, it was supposed to reveal the secrets of the new product to employees step by step. Since our target group is salespeople, we combined the learning process with a competitive element, in the form of tasks and quizzes that took place in a closed group on FB.

NESPRESSO Vertuo Zestaw WWW_1138x11145

Learning through play

Humans learn best through play, and the growing popularity of analog games in recent times has inspired Nespresso to create an educational card game. The first stage was self-education with the help of fiches we prepared with information about coffee, and the second stage was to test one’s level of knowledge already during the game.

NESPRESSO Vertuo Zestaw WWW_2300x8603

Online event

The next step, in the journey to infinite knowledge about Vertuo, was a virtual Company day! which we organized from A to Z.

As part of the invitation, we sent employees a starter box with Vertuo coffee, matching DESEO chocolate and a themed T-shirt as the dress code for the meeting.

The event, due to pandemic restrictions, was held online. We divided it into several stages, but the most exciting were the ones in which we determined the winners!

First up were the group games, during which Nespresso boutique employees presented videos created by their teams on Vertuo.

NESPRESSO VERTUO Event Zestaw WWW_1137x9182
NESPRESSO VERTUO Event Zestaw WWW_1137x918

Vertuoners telecast

… and then we moved on to the final showdown, which was the “Vertuoners” teleseminar, which would reveal to us the true Vertuo Master!

NESPRESSO VERTUO Event Zestaw WWW_2300x8604

Creative Answer was responsible for the overall implementation of the event, including the development of the game theme, preparation of graphics and multimedia, production of printed materials, coordination of the event and preparation of a video summarizing the entire event.

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