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We support the power of positive change

Nespresso delivers exceptional coffee to millions of homes around the world, providing its consumers with flavor quality like the best coffee shop. The power of coffee can be understood literally, as a strong dose of energy, but also metaphorically, as the strength of the driving positive change. Such changes, Nespresso supports in many fields, externally but also internally within its organization.

This year, once again, the brand conducted a a survey among its employees to gauge their level of satisfaction and to recognize those who are part of positive change.

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Task of the agency

The agency was tasked with preparing marketing materials to support the 4th edition of the campaign, organized by the HR department, under the slogan “Words have power.” As we do every year, we encouraged Nespresso employees to share their thoughts on the company’s atmosphere and appreciate colleagues who are always willing to support, inspire or can give encouragement.

Logotype & Key Visual

For the purposes of the campaign, we prepared a logotype and key visual, which, with its color scheme and cheerful icons, was intended to attract attention and encourage employees to take part in the campaign.

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Digital platform

We prepared an internal landing page with rules for participating in the activation and provided a form through which you could pass on your words of appreciation to a colleague. Anyone who logged on to the system could fill out as many forms as they wanted, and thus give their thanks to as many people as they wanted. The landing page we created was colorful, intuitive and inviting! The site was available in desktop and mobile versions.

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Action promotion

We wanted the words of positive support to flow in a wide stream, so we took care to promote the campaign, preparing, among other things. informational posters that hung in the company’s traffic routes.

Those we couldn’t “catch” offline, we reached through online means. We prepared a series of mailings promoting the campaign, encouraging people to join, and summarizing the number of thank-you notes sent.

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From online to offline

The number of completed forms exceeded our expectations and we felt we couldn’t just leave it at that. So, to emphasize the uniqueness of the action, we put the digital words on paper, printed them on personalized cards and gave them to employees. The cards, as a tangible token of gratitude, were very nicely received, adorning the desks of the honorees and reminding them that it really is worth helping others and playing to one goal.

Tangible evidence of gratitude

This year’s action took place in December, which is a special time because it is Christmas. To mark the occasion, Nespresso decided to combine the Words Have Power campaign with the donation of Christmas gifts, which were baskets of goodies we had prepared. A special gift was a “Christmas power tea,” the packaging of which alluded to the activation and was meant to remind us of the importance and kindness of showing gratitude to one another.

We, too, are grateful to Nespresso for another jointly completed project!

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Creative Answer was responsible for the overall implementation of the campaign, including the development of the logotype and key visuals, preparation of graphics and multimedia, production of printed materials, and purchase and distribution of holiday gifts.

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