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It's worth looking outside the box

Nespresso is a brand that cares about both the development of its product and the development of its employees. The thriving HR Team is open to more and more interesting forms of workshops, which we are happy to implement for them. What did we organize this time?

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Task of the agency

Creating the idea of a unique team-building workshop for Nespresso team members who had never seen each other before, as their team was formed in the era of pandemonium and remote working. The workshops were meant to engage everyone, regardless of age or gender, and connect with the company’s business profile.

Big Picture Workshop

In teamwork, it is important not to focus only on your task, but to look more broadly so that you and your colleagues can create a holistic project. So when we were thinking of a way to integrate the team, it occurred to us to involve everyone in co-creating an image to decorate Nespresso’s office spaces.

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How we did it

Each workshop participant was given painting utensils, a canvas and a hint of what should be included in their painting. He was also told that what he would paint would be part of a larger work that would include works by other collaborators. In order to be able to create a coherent and correlating artwork, workers had to communicate with each other to determine the color scheme, elements or lettering appearing in the painting. After finishing their work, the participants could go for a short break, during which we put their mini works together.

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The end result

After returning from the break, the participants saw the colorful results of the task set before them. In part of the work, the images that make it up super correlated with each other, while in another it turned out that a lack of communication caused the figure in the painting to have a part of his closet in several colors. It was an excellent analogy that showed the participants how important communication is in cooperation and how its absence, can affect the final outcome of the project.

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A keepsake for years to come

The resulting images adorn the walls of the Nespresso office and remind employees of both the fun they had at the event and the importance of communication in collaboration.

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Creative Answer was responsible for the overall organization of the event and the production of materials to promote the event to employees.

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