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The Sodexo Group is a global leader in life-enhancing services and products. For more than 50 years, it has been a strategic partner for companies and institutions that emphasize efficiency, loyalty, commitment and satisfaction of employees and business partners. Moving with the times and responding to the expectations of employees, Sodexo created the first wellbeing app in Poland, Andjoy.

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The agency's task:

The agency was tasked with co-creating the communication strategy for the new product and preparing sales materials to support Sodexo’s sales department in promoting the new wellbeing app Andjoy by Sodexo.

How did we approach it?

We started from scratch and worked as a team. Together with the client and the strategic agency, we developed a communication strategy for the brand’s new product in the B2B and B2C areas.

We then translated the resulting Big Idea into sales strategy and communications addressing the needs of two B2B target groups: HR departments and Sodexo partner points.

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One folder a lot of information

The next step was to adapt the strategy into sales materials to support Andjoy salespeople. We have created, among other things. folder for HR departments, whose task was to provide the necessary information about the new product and to highlight the benefits that the company, the HR department and, ultimately, its employee will gain after implementing Andjoy.

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Offline & online synergy

Recognizing that HR employees are Andjoy’s most important target audience, Sodexo created an opportunity for them to try out the app for free, and Creative Answer gave it form and design. We have prepared the Andjoy Starter Package in the form of an elegant box with access codes to try each of Andjoy’s 3 pillars: sports offer #andsport, entertainment offer #andculture, and healthy eating offer #andfood.

To try the package, all you had to do was register on a landing page we created and apply to test the product. The combination of offline and online activities was designed to maximize the WOW effect of our target audience.

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New partnership standard

We have prepared a folder for Partner Points informing them about the new wellbeing program for sports and recreation clubs. In a clear iconographic way, we presented Sodexo partners with the benefits of joining the Andjoy program and how to start such cooperation in 3 easy steps. Rich partner offer = satisfied customer.

Dedicated manuals

Sodexo wanted the client’s user experience to be at the highest possible level, so we prepared onboarding of application users in the form of step-by-step presentations for each target group. The manuals created were intended to help make the process of using Andjoy’s wellbeing offerings easy to learn.

In order to reduce the barrier to use the service and present all its functionalities, we created 3 manuals: for the individual customer, for the HR department and for Partner Points.

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SODEXO Andjoy Zestaw WWW_1137x9187

Corporate identity

We also created a set of branding materials to communicate the openness of Partner Points to Andjoy app users.

We also prepared a package of basic materials, such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead, email footers, etc.

Creative Answer was responsible for co-creating the strategy and preparing and producing sales materials. We also provided substantive support to the client in developing online campaigns (email marketing, remarketing, CRM, social media activities and google ads).

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